Artist Georgia March

    watercolour, acrylic, charcoal 

Group Classes

Have you ever wanted to test your talent? 

Do you believe you don't have any? 

You probably do!

Using, 'Right Brain,' techniques Georgia brings out the best in your abilities and gets astounding results because she finds the talent you don't know about hidden within you.

See the Student Work below and you may decide to treat yourself to your talent and create beautiful art. Georgia is offering classes in Acrylics - Level 1, Acrylics - Mentoring, Charcoal Sketching - Landscapes and Charcoal Sketching - Portraits at the FOR THE LOVE OF ART gallery in London, On. Contact to reserve your place and experience the joy of creation.

Private and Semi-private Artscape Classes

...are designed to let you discover the artist in you because we are all creators and sometimes we don't know how to get from here to there. Here's what you need to know...

  • Small classes, only 1 to 2 participants give you the attention you deserve
  • Right Brain techniques mean great results fast
  • Acrylic or Watercolour you get to choose
  • Paint subjects you want to paint

Here's how it works...You enroll for 6 weeks of 1 hour classes at any time. Decide on a starting date that works best for you. After the first drawing you get to choose your own subjects, something that you'd love to paint! There is no competition, no one compares to you, you get to be totally amazing doing something you love. The benefits are outstanding. Painting is an actual form of meditation; you will have a sense of timelessness and you get to take home pieces of art you are    proud to hang on your wall immediately. Once you sign up I'll send you a supply list so you can come prepared to your first class and get started right away. Students have found that once they begin painting the rest of their lives fall into place and they never want to stop. Although the classes are centrally located in London arrangements can be made for other locations. Are you picking up a paint brush yet? 
Call Georgia and book today! 519 433 8287