Artist Georgia March

    watercolour, acrylic, charcoal                Christine is a Dream Builder and Artist


           Wild Flowers On The Pond

 Meet Georgia

My creations are for people who love movement, texture and colour. I believe my role is to be an instrument, to be present and allow each piece to create through its own energy. I love working in many mediums and look forward to experimenting with more. I have a vision for a big indoor/outdoor studio for sculpting and art retreats. Nature has been a great influence. I look for the same flow and expression in people and there always has to be an element of surprise. Creation is about anticipating the next step in whatever way that shows up and going for gold. Results are good when you put your heart into anything.

Georgia's work can also be found at the Norman Felix Gallery in Toronto Canada.


In addition to painting, Georgia March is also a certified Hypnotist  and Dream Builder coach, inspirational speaker, author and musician.  To learn more visit   


Artscape Classes

Charcoal Sketches Portraits

Georgia's 'charcoal on canvas' creations are for people who love the richness of texture. This medium has its own energy. She says, "To capture the warmth of the subject you have to feel and identify it." Now you can learn to create realistic Portraits in Charcoal too.

            Water Lilies On The Pond

                  Northern Lake


           A Profusion of Water Lilies

Charcoal Sketches



                                                                                   GALLERY SLIDE SHOW  

Haunting Dreaming
(Georgia March - Harp Samples)


                                      Wanda's Raven

                                      Patty's Ice Flow

                       Trish's Horse

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                Maeve's 'Winter Cabin

                  Beginner to Advanced

                    Wanda's River

               Acrylic or Watercolour

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