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    Who is Spirit Girl?   
Georgia March is a gifted healer, fine artist, author, inspirational speaker and musician who lives and empowers others through Dream Building using Universal Laws.
Georgia’s gift started with visitations from the spirit world. Ancestors, angels and animal spirits guide her.
ANGELS have assisted her with healings for over twenty years. This is how her healing legacy with them began:
I spent several months in Lagos, Portugal playing my harp in the town square. During that time many strangers who I had never seen me before approached and asked me to help them to heal. Often we shared no common language. At that time I didn’t think about being a healer. What I saw were people who thought I could help them and so I did. 
Artist Georgia creates Pet Portraits
MIRACLES happen every day. They are your birthright. Open your heart and receive.
HEALING - This is your destination.You are here at the turning point to healing you’ve been searching for. This is the place where you can find your life path, turn fragmented feelings into wholeness, retrieve the part of you that is missing, release spiritual attachments that don’t belong to you, become empowered, motivated, energized, joyful and realize your dreams.
REIKI - Energy medicine for your body and soul
SHAMANISM - is accessible energy in every thing for every one. Your subconscious mind is filled with wonderful messages to help you heal. A Shaman or Shamanka holds the key to open the door and release your power through visualization and trance.  Georgia connects with Spirit Guides and Ancestors who are waiting to help you retrieve your missing soul parts, extract unwanted visitors and bring you balance.  We are connected.
Desert Dreams by Georgia March
 THE LAW OF ATTRACTION -  How to make it work for you EVERY time. Words are powerful. What you say and think relates directly to what you feel and manifest. The perplexing thing is you don’t even realize you’re giving yourself negative messages. In a custom designed program tailored to you Georgia helps you to realize your dreams and build the life you want to live. Its fun, its easy and you will get results when you embrace the program. Every moment is an opportunity to explore new possibilities and open doors. Georgia is handing you the key. Call today for a free 30 minute consultation.
REUNITING WITH LOVED ONES FROM BEYOND - The physical pain in your heart that lingers long after someone beloved has passed can leave a lot of unanswered questions. Here are some of the ones Georgia asked when her baby sister died of cancer. Why did you have to leave so soon? What is it like where you are now? Do you still feel my love for you after all these years? Do you have a message for me? Reconnecting gives you a sense of deep peace. Because this gift made such a difference in Georgia's life she is now able to share it with you. The Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over testimonials will help you discover what this reunion meant to other people and then decide what is right for you.
                                                            In Flight by Georgia March
 ANGEL MEDICINE -  Leaning on Love; the answer to wellness. Angels are the magnificent beings who are always there for us. Their work is through love and it brings love back to them. It is their wish is to connect us to our place of joy, to help us find wellness and celebrate our success. Every time an achievement is accomplished in any aspect of life, a star gets brighter. Georgia lives under the wings of angels and helps you to find yours.
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